Physical Management


The underlying reasons for physical management are obviously the protection of the investment of the owners in the scheme and to ensure that each owner has full enjoyment of his/her unit in a scheme. The one section cannot keep its value if the other, or the common property is run-down.
The obligation to maintain is one which every owner and the body of owners as a whole must fulfil. The act and rules determine who must attend to and pay for the physical maintenance work that must be done -the owner, of the body of owners.
The trustees may repair or maintain an owner’s section on his /her behalf, if their failure to do so threatens the use or value of the common property, the safety of a building or materially prejudices the interests of the body corporate, its members and occupiers of sections, and may recover the reasonable costs of doing so from such member.
Trustees have often failed in this aspect of management for various reasons, for example, disputes about levies resulting in a lack of funds, or incorrect budgeting, or insurance which at the time of need, do not fulfil the purpose for which it was contracted due to mistakes.
All of these reasons for lack of physical management lie in the sphere of financial management, although this is of course not an exclusive list.